Counter tap G4 MOP 0.5 (6/20)

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Counter tap G4 MOP 0.5 (6/20)

G4 MOP 0.5 (6/20) counter tap, weight 0.405 kg. Brass body and fitting, zinc alloy handle.

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The G4 MOP 0.5 (6/20) metering valve is an essential element for your gas distribution systems, weighing 0.405 kg. With dimensions of 216 × 177 × 65 cm, it guarantees reliable and safe use. Made with a brass body and fitting, as well as a zinc alloy handle, it ensures corrosion resistance and optimal sealing. Compliant with European standards NF EN 12164 and NF EN 331, this faucet meets strict quality and safety requirements.

Informations complémentaires

Weight 0,405 kg
Dimensions 216 × 177 × 65 cm
Number of pieces in the box


Number of pieces in the Box


Material requirements:

The body in brass. The connection in brass. The handle in zinc alloy.

Registration requirements (indelible and visible):

Name or initial of the organization. Name DN20 EN331. Date of manufacture or calendar code.

Required technical requirements:

Absence of porosity. Sealing to MOP 5. Machining tolerance in accordance with that of the design.

Reference standard:

European standards: NF EN 12164.NF EN 331..